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Letter to the Editor for Winter 2017

By: Constitution Staff

A Splash of Hope

Now that the final chapter in the quest for a new President of the USA has been written, it would appear that we may not have made a serious mistake in the selection of a replacement. In my mind, the only promise kept by PRESBO was that he was "going to fundamentally change America." Unfortunately for the vast majority of our population that change was definitely not for the better, but then, he did not say what changes were to be made.

Reminds me of my No. 2 Son who when receiving the plane to seek his commercial pilot license and instrument rating in mid-November of 2004 stated “I should be through with it by the end of the year.” He just did not state which year and I have not seen it since.

Not only did it appear that GOD has been brought back into the picture, but that we will once again have the motivating premise that “peace is procured by being so strong that no one else will be interested in attacking.”

In my lifetime there is no memory of an inauguration speech that was so blunt, to the point, and quite frankly encouraging as the one heard on January 20.

We may have finally made a correct choice, thanks to the wisdom of the founders in establishing the “Electoral College” in which I have had the honor and privilege of serving sixteen years ago. Those who are seeking to abolish it, through stupidity or duplicity, have the intention of bringing an end to the REPUBLIC we were delivered with the ratification of the Constitution in 1788 on June 21 by nine of the thirteen new sovereign States. If they ever are successful in bringing that about, it would be my expectation that it would be the end of the USA as predicted by Richard Engel in his book, The Last American President. It gives food for thought and an interesting look into the intrigue that goes on continuously in the politics of any government.

Having a successful businessman as manager may very well bring about major changes in the way things are done in Washington and around the World in our operations. Frankly, I do not understand how he can stand the cut in pay, since he is only accepting a pay of $1.00 per year. It should be remembered by those living then, that during World War II there were large numbers of business executives who served on various connected committees at $1.00 per year, my Dad being one of those in the PAW (Petroleum Administration for War). They continued to also discharge their employment duties at their regular salaries, though. That was patriotism.

Thus it is not surprising to me that each morning my waking thoughts are to how grateful I am and how much we should have, at least, four years of returning prosperity and a rare 'common sense' in the operation and dictates of the Federal Government. Hopefully, some of that will rub off into the State and local governing bodies, all the way down to school boards.

There remain, however, a few lingering concerns. One, in my mind, of major importance is the Trump proposed “three level income tax.” While that would be an improvement over the present set-up, it leaves in place the totally corrupt and bloated IRS. The only way to abolish that, so far as appears to me, is to have Congress replace the Income Tax with the proposed FairTax. This bill, labeled HR-25, has been once again introduced into the new Congress and at last report has already 25 co-sponsors in the House. At the end of the last session of Congress, the report was 67 co-sponsors.

All but one of the Oklahoma Delegation has signed on, the hold-out being from the Oklahoma City area. If all would lean on their respective Representative and Senators we might get this through. It provides that on January 1 following enactment, the income tax will cease and the law establishing it be repealed. Of course, Amendment 16, which authorized it in 1913, should also be repealed so as to preclude any future misguided Congress from re-instituting it in their ceaseless quest for more and more money to waste in “vote buying schemes.”

All in all, the future seems to be much better for US, now we need to cease funding the UN!!

Robert W. McDowell, Jr.

Broken Arrow, OK

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